Looking to #FindYourSpot in the digital world? Online, mobile, and all things digital – that’s our job.  We are a full-service agency. More data, less emotion. Let’s get started!


So, shouldn’t you be successful online? We know you need to be out in the world making an offline presence. Let’s find your spot online.

We agree it’s about time!

Literally – it’s all about time, and there is never enough of it when you are responsible for running a business. It’s also about time your internet marketing is made simple. Making reliable progress with visits to your website should not be something you have to understand, and it shouldn’t be an intimidating process. But, like a leopard cub, marketing does require nurturing.  That’s what we do!

We use the latest technology to monitor your online efforts and improve them faster than, well, humanly possible! Because of this, we believe that the majority of your marketing spend should be on the actual costs of marketing, not professional services. It is a highly competitive world online. Your business is competing with headlines, social engagement, and competitors. It’s time to find your spot – work with Leopard Digital.



Ready to get found on the web? Let the world know you are open for business and start increasing your audience.

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Websites that are intentional about one thing: generating you more profits.


Your entire business in the palm of your hands.


You'd rather work on the market. Can we help you with marketing?


You'd rather engineer products. Can we help you with search engines?


You'd rather be in the field. Can we help you field digital data?

HeLLO, I’m katherine.

We have a short story because the bottom line is that we're more interested in yours.

That is what binds our team, designs our training, and keeps us motivated. After working and traveling around the globe, I returned home to Louisiana and founded Leopard Digital. We offer flat-fee programs for multiple, valuable online marketing services including social media management. We believe in predictable budgets for marketing, and we deliver what we promise. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it! Work with Leopard Digital to #FindYourSpot.

we make internet marketing easy and profitable for your business.

What would it mean for your business if you had a non-biased, professional marketer advocating for you?

At Leopard Digital, you are assigned a true Internet marketer. Based on market expectations, scope of opportunity, and your budget, we design a marketing platform and/or plan specifically for you. We are not web developers who will also design your site, tag it with analytics software, and then ask you what you would like to do next. Our team includes specialists in every function, but your designated team is lead by a skilled marketer. You’re good at what you do. It’s our job to make sure everyone else understands that.

we’re letting the cat out of the bag

Managing your digital footprint effectively takes more expertise than time. Though the management software can be expensive and the professionals who use it can be hard to find, the good news is that we have both!  This is why we can manage so many customers at once.  We offer a transparent process.

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