Ask your website: Isn’t it time to Find Your Spot?

Ask your website: Isn’t it time to Find Your Spot?

Social media, website management, and search engine optimization may not be how you want to spend your time, but businesses today must be aggressive in all of them. The good news is that it’s not too late to start! It is the whole reason we decided to #TakeTheLeap into this new venture. After our first week of exciting meetings with potential new clients, I sit to write the first blog for Leopard Digital, and it is crystal clear what our mission is. Competition, competition, competition. Allow me to define competition in relation to the digital world – the world in which your website thrives, your brand exists, and your company lives – whether or not you’re a willing participant in this world.

First, I think it’s a spiritually phenomenal belief system to feel that there is no competition, that there is abundance, and that hard work pays off no matter who else offers your same service. However, competition online means something a bit more than other specialists who may or may not be as good at your service offering. Odds are that you offer a service that is not new, even if you specialize in a niche of the service. Real Estate Brokers, Contractors, Attorneys, Financial Planners, and Medical Doctors are highly specialized needs that would rarely get crossed over for one another. The challenge is not so much convincing a potential client that you are the choice for the service, the challenge online is getting them to know you are an option at all, at the same exact time they need you! Today, your real competition is not so much competing professionals. Your real competition is retaining mind-share by potential clients who are bombarded with brand ads, tweets, likes, news headlines, and transactional versus relational requests. The consistent opportunity to “get this done now,” “get this done fast,” and “get this discount today only,” can easily sway a click on a “Get Started” button even if you did spend an hour at the chamber of commerce meeting to discuss their needs. It’s not that people don’t want to remember you… they simply can’t. Too much information today is competing for our mind-share. Most likely, when you meet someone offline who may one day need your service, they try to remember who you are, they go online to search for your specialty, and boom! You’re either in the game or you’re not.

The difference is the timing of the client’s need. That is typically something that not even the best marketer can predict down to the exact minute before the user search. When you meet someone through a networking or personal introduction, the need is typically not immediate. They take your business card, you share a nice connection, and you assume one day you will get their call. Yet, from the time your potential client leaves you to the time they get home that day, they will see hundreds to thousands of other brands, messages, and media that fades your meeting’s memory pretty quickly. Then one day, weeks later, that person needs your service. Again, they go online, do a search, and a list of results is gratifyingly displayed at the exact moment they want their options presented… ahhh, gotta love the web! They may even remember your conversation and will glance at the first page of results to see if they find the name that they just know “I will remember it if I see it.” But alas, your website is not listed and they opt to click “Get Started Now” on someone else’s.

We at Leopard Digital realize that it can be overwhelming to try to keep up with every potential client and attempt to be in the right place at the right time for the right pace of your business growth. That’s why we’re here. You need to have a spot online. You need to be seen when it is relevant to your business at the price that is sensible for your business. You need to stay focused on the actual service you offer without strategizing the best time to tweet or post. Your website needs efficient search engine optimization and trackable analytics. All you need from your online presence is a regular report that highlights what’s going on with your website, who’s using your business name, your existing clients and potential clients, and a consistent growth of visitors to your business. Whether or not you consider yourself a highly competitive person, you live in a naturally competitive world. Let us help you #FindYourSpot.

Thank you for your time,

Katherine Campbell

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