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Paid Search For Service

Paid search is often thought of for only lead generation, but service is an expense that can always find more efficiency. Few things are more exciting in business than strong growth momentum. Either the market is finally right, or you launch a new product that changes your market, or maybe – just maybe – you finally found the right marketing team. But whatever the reason, when you find yourself with a healthy backlog of orders, you can see the future in a different light. However, it doesn’t matter if you sell mortgages or manufacturing services, the more products sold, the more you have to service. In regards to service call centers, we have done a great job in the last 30 years of outsourcing or even offshoring these tasks seen as pure overhead.

The savings have helped, but now we have to service the service centers with constant training, communication, and metrics expectations. When service has to take place in person, as is often the case in manufacturing, it is an expense that cannot be spared. So, how do we further minimize service expense? What is the next generation of service efficiency? Well, everyone who shops at Walmart knows this answer. It’s Self-Serve, of course! So, how exactly do we take B2B industries and enable them to Self Check Out? We answer the question right when they ask it – through paid search. Below is the 1-2-3 of the how-to’s and benefits of a concerted paid search effort for service. Or, CONTACT US to discuss the best options for your business.

  1. Build a service YouTube channel. Many companies today have done a decent job of website FAQ’s. Depending on how long they have been hosting and allowing experts to comment on those pages, however, there can be information overload on them. Also, the more comments a question gets, the more opportunity for contradiction of the right way to handle a service situation, and thus your office gets a call anyway. Nothing is more easily explained these days than when demonstrated in a video. Video has by far the highest engagement rate of digital media. You have service teams in the field everyday, have a camera follow them around for a couple of months. It doesn’t matter if you have a software or hardware service call, an expert has to go through the process of troubleshooting and correcting. Film it, catalog it, and share it.
  2. Drive traffic to solutions. Once you have this service channel to a reasonable library, your customers need to know it is there. If you suppose that customers can navigate your website’s user experience to the 10 clicks it may take to find a solution, you’re probably supposing wrong. Many will give up before they figure out the logic of someone’s navigation stream. They will sooner leave your website, go to Google, type in your company name with the product and service needed, hoping Google will find your correct page for them! So, SEO for service is also critical for potentially saving a service call. The most efficient route to helping your customer find your videos, though, is through paid search. Also, a search for something like, “ABB Guided Wave Radar Level Service” is not a competitive term. This is why a service campaign in search engines can be the fastest and least expensive route for a Self-Serve solution.
  3. Consider a service app. Whether or not an app is a good effort for a product depends on the quality and length of time the product will be used. If it is a 30 year mortgage or a 15 year life expectancy installation in a plant, then obviously service will be needed over a long cycle. An app would be worth the customer’s effort to download. See our app page for a brief overview. When sales offers the service app as a free download with purchase, it can be a huge comfort to many DIY clients.

We all know that there is no way out of providing a service team for products. In fact, the better the service, the higher the sales can be as it is proven the relationship between the two are critically dependant on each other. But, customer service today can often be a better experience if the answer almost seems to find the customer versus the customer chasing it down. Having digital solutions for service is a huge benefit because even if every problem cannot have a video solution, the fast metrics available for what people are searching for and clicking on are the best insights of what is going on with your products out in the field.


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Katherine Campbell

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