Be 1 Under 100 – There’s Plenty of Time for Success

Be 1 Under 100 – There’s Plenty of Time for Success

Attaining success can feel like a mad rush. Not only is it difficult to clearly define success for yourself, it is even more difficult to find validation for achieving that success. There used to be articles that listed the Top 50 Professionals Under 50. Then came the computer age and it was all about the Top 40 Under 40. Now with the digital age, they publish the Top 20 Under 20. UNDER 20, REALLY?! One of the most amazing chefs to compete on a TV series was only 9 years old. NINE – a chef – on TV! So, now, everyone over 30 feels like it’s way too late. There is so much going on that is competing for people’s attention that it can feel defeating to even try. Most of us have regular jobs that are clearly defined and easily understood. “I own a retail store,” or “I work at a digital agency,” are statements that don’t need a lot of explanation. Seriously, when a 19-year-old named in the Top 20 Under 20 designs a high-tech glove that could prevent surgical mishaps by giving surgeons a sense of touch, why even bother getting out of bed? How can you ever feel uniquely successful?

Well, instead of being concerned with being named among the 40 successful people under 40, be more concerned with being the only 1 under 100 to accomplish what you will. Success today is a quickly-evolving term. What you accomplish in life will be unlike anyone else. What will you have accomplished before you’re 100? It’s kind of like the old college exercise of writing your obituary, but instead, write what your resume will be at 100.  Odds are, you won’t be concerned with having the line, “Published 4 Tweets a day and ran 1 Facebook campaign per month.” You will be more concerned that you, “Engaged in social media and grew a large fan-base that considered me a thought-leader in my field.” It is nearly impossible to keep up with all of the business marketing services available today. Figuring out how to achieve success or grow a business can seem so overwhelming that you may even give up before you start. So, here’s a piece of advice. Don’t bother trying to figure it all out. Especially in the online marketing space, simply find a couple of resources that you enjoy using yourself, like LinkedIn, Facebook, blogging, etc. and be disciplined about adding more and more content to them.

Marketing in general is a journey and definitely not a destination. You are never done, there is always something new, and if you zig-zag too much in your journey, you never actually travel very far forward. Don’t get too anxious when another and yet another fabulous new online marketing platform for only $10/month comes along. Stay the course. Take on a new discipline when the others are humming along and only if you have spare time. No one can use them all, but consistently using the ones you choose will still progress your company’s image online. You inevitably will achieve a road-map of success before you’re 100 years old that will be unmatched. Maybe someone under 20 can build a Success Road-Map App that comes with a route you can follow, like Google Maps. Just plug in the desired success, select “from current location,” and press “directions.” ….if only I were under 20! 😉

Thank you for your time,
Katherine Campbell

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