Sales Superheroes? There’s An App For That!

Sales Superheroes? There’s An App For That!

The best sales professionals have one goal: solve the customer’s problem. If the customer doesn’t have a problem, then they don’t need a solution. So, either a salesman has to “hurt ’em to heal ’em” (as we say in the south), or they need to respond to the question with a knowledgeable solution. Thus, the sales call has to be fluid in case the problem is not what the sales professional originally perceived. In fact, ideally the customer discovers he has numerous problems the salesman can solve. Either way, information is king. In a world full of information, the pace of retrieving the answer becomes the competitive advantage. Furthermore, many businesses provide numerous solutions. A human can only retain so many details about complex specs or products. Nothing is more humiliating than when a potential customer asks a question about the salesman’s company’s products, and he can’t answer it! The customer is never more interested in the answer than when he’s just asked the question. So, either the sales call starts to lean towards, “I’ll follow up with you later,” or even if a sale is closed, a cross-sale is probably lost.

This is why we designed and developed an app that can carry the customer conversation from beginning to end in the palm of your hand. It is a good practice to take a room of sales people and ask them to describe the average sales call conversations in detail. Odds are, they have similar characteristics and some of them may not include checking on the company website. Here is a great example: a worldwide sales team may regularly need to calculate the price of products in different currencies depending on where the part is manufactured. It may not seem like a big deal; he can simply pull out a smart phone and Google it. When his customer asks about market news, he can locate it on his laptop to walk-through the story. Or, if there is a product video available on YouTube, he may even use a tablet to find and offer an excellent resource.

The sales call can continue for some time while waiting for this video to load, or that site to be found, or that contact to be emailed. But what if, upon discussion with this room of sales people, you realized the conversations were all fairly similar and could plan to be prepared in one application to offer all the answers? Yes, there is an app for that. Unlike many sales software solutions, the Leopard Digital app takes into account the modern philosophy of transparency. The salesman takes the lead, but while he is researching the answer, the customer is watching. Everything done in front of the customer should be a quick, professional, and even branded experience. Also, some sales solutions are designed to gather pertinent information to design analysis/produce charts and research for the customer, but when an unanticipated question is asked, it would be odd to login to the software to design an answer.

It’s time to turn the monitors around. We all know the feeling of standing behind an airline counter and waiting through 100’s of keystrokes and having no idea what could possibly be going on on the screen! Technology, like the iPad Pro, offers a large screen that is easily shareable, and there is no hidden feeling of searching for something behind someone’s back. More data, less memorization, less missed cross-sales, suggestion alerts, and presentation quality research. Contact us to learn more about it. We can use the digital advantage to help you #FindYourSpot out in the offline world, too!

Thank you for your time,
Katherine Campbell

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