Because we are more interested in yours.

That is what binds our team, designs our training, and keeps us motivated.

After 25 years of working and traveling around the globe, Katherine Campbell returned home to Louisiana and founded Leopard Digital. Elevating experiences to match user expectation in interface, design, and decision is how we help companies find their spot online. We offer a flat fee for multiple, valuable digital services. We believe in predictable budgets for marketing, and we deliver what we promise. That's our story, and we're sticking to it!

Katherine Campbell, Founder of Leopard Digital


It's not WHAT you're selling. It's WHO you're selling to.

Many have had that “light bulb” turn on in their mind. Then, suddenly an invention is born. Be it a new way to do business or developing a unique product, without doubt, if you can dream it, someone needs it. The challenge is that the reason you do what you do may not be the same way someone is searching for it. At Leopard Digital, our vision is to bridge the gap between what you have and what the market wants. Less emotion, more data, and many, many more sales. Can you see it?

Real. fast. reporting. Let’s find your spot.

I am not much of a social network guy. I login to facebook from time to time but not as avid a user as my business consistently requires. After hiring Leopard Digital, I’m glad I didn’t bother trying to work the social angle. The reporting and strategy have been so good that I’d much rather leave it to them.

I’ve been in the mortgage business for over 10 years. I have always gotten my business from real estate agents, I had a website, but I never looked at it. But, one day a realtor told me she didn’t have my contact information and couldn’t find me on the web. I heard about Leopard Digital, so I signed up online. Now, not only do I appear on the first page of Google, but the help with my social media has generated more leads than I thought possible for $500 a month.

Analysis paralysis?

Because we can collect data on every digital move made, we do.

Deciphering that data requires a combination of expertise and your relationship to meet business objectives. You will learn:

– How many visitors go to your site
– How long a visitor stays on your site
– How your site is doing versus your competitors
– The words people search to find your business or app
– Much more!

But, we will not bombard you with analysis; it’s our job to interpret all of it and make it actionable.


We're True Marketers

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Leopard Digital. We are sincere in wanting to help you find your spot. If you are reading our site, odds are pretty good that you not only need a digital upgrade, you need a marketer to either support you or take over digital goals. There are thousands of developers these days who will also design your site. There are many technical designers who will also build your site. However, having a fully optimized experience for both front end and back end success requires a true marketer’s skill. We are digital marketers. Your success online is our business.

You Have 3 Markets

Many companies perceive themselves as only having one market: customers. We recognize you have 3 markets: 1. Internal (including employees and contractors), 2. Partners (including 3rd party teams, OEM’s, or vendors), and 3. The Market (customers and investors). Digital efforts should reach across all three, be branded for consistency, and share one voice for a consistent message to your world. Our websites, email campaign structures, app development, and content strategy can serve multiple markets and communicate a unified message across digital channels.

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