11 Jul 2017

If You Build It, Will They Come?

Gone are the days that someone calls an agency and wants to finally build a website for their business. For the most part, everyone has one. Depending how savvy the company is, they are either on Web 2.0 or higher of their own digital presence. We started work in web development many years ago, and […]

30 May 2017

Sales Superheroes? There’s An App For That!

The best sales professionals have one goal: solve the customer’s problem. If the customer doesn’t have a problem, then they don’t need a solution. So, either a salesman has to “hurt ’em to heal ’em” (as we say in the south), or they need to respond to the question with a knowledgeable solution. Thus, the […]

15 May 2017

Be 1 Under 100 – There’s Plenty of Time for Success

Attaining success can feel like a mad rush. Not only is it difficult to clearly define success for yourself, it is even more difficult to find validation for achieving that success. There used to be articles that listed the Top 50 Professionals Under 50. Then came the computer age and it was all about the […]

03 May 2017
Manufacturing Marketing

Manufacturing Marketing – Oxymoron?

In America, manufacturing is a critical sector of our economy. It is 12% of our GDP, 18.5 million jobs are supported by it, and $1.3 trillion of product is exported annually. So, for such an extensive industry, how is marketing still a myth to so many manufacturing companies? This question has been puzzling people for […]

10 Apr 2017
Paid search campaigns for Manufacturing Service Departments | Leopard Digital Baton Rouge

Paid Search For Service

Paid search is often thought of for only lead generation, but service is an expense that can always find more efficiency. Few things are more exciting in business than strong growth momentum. Either the market is finally right, or you launch a new product that changes your market, or maybe – just maybe – you […]

13 Mar 2017
Progress Over Perfection | Manufacturing Marketing Blog

Progress Over Perfection – What are you waiting for?

We all have that one person on the team who seems to know it all. And, often times, he actually does! But, the challenge is that Mr. Know-It-All tends to do something that isn’t very smart. He finds a way (and then yet another way) to do something better. He can often be what I call […]

27 Feb 2017

The Goldilocks Spot

All businesses are also customers. Even if it’s only office supplies we’re talking about, the people ordering the supplies can and will share their experience. The supply order taker at the water cooler may say, “Wow, I ordered supplies online from XYZ Company this morning, and they delivered them this afternoon! Really made me look […]

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